Where Philanthropy and Fashion merges : Princess Ellen De Fantine of Monaco and Chiranjeeb Das (Chiron) from India put together efforts to invent the ways and means to devise new forms of philanthropy, by merging their love of elegance particularly the Princess love for Fashion & Lifestyle with philanthropy . The foremost adoration of Princess Ellen De Fantine is fashion which she is passionate about and love at the same time using it to benefit the underprivileged and Chiron to giving value towards building and promoting Life Values so that the needy & underprivileged and the society at large is benefited to the most through non profit means . The merger of fashion and philantrophy into “Fashionotrophy’ ~ a unique Monaco - India conception devised by both of them and the powerful perception of ‘Chirellen’ as a signature label will immensely help the needy and the underprivileged with particular emphasis on children and promoted through ChironWorld non profit organization. ChironWorld also intend to address the youth and providing Life Skill solutions through the infusion of Sports besides Environmental issues like afforestation & reforestation , addressing Climate Change - Global Warming and Green House Gas emission issues affecting the environment and towards development of Green Community Hubs and Green Economies within communities and empowering communities benefited by way of Fashionotrophy using the signature Chirellen concept. Princess Ellen De Fantine , one of the most beautiful women in the world, by virtue of being the ‘Royal Ambassador’ of ChironWorld will also have great influence in bringing about a change in the lives of people and the overall society and promote the organization and the unique concepts the world over . 


Princess Ellen De Fantine's  deep regards , adoration and passion for her god-mother Princess Liala , Grand Duchess of Alexandria is best manifested in the hours of conversation with Chiron about the talk of  beauty , aura , kind heartedness , the generosity which Princess Liala posses and which proves that Princess Ellen has a very ingrained feeling deep in her heart and respect and inspiration drawn  from Princess Liala motivating her to do something for the society and the needy to bring about a change in peoples lives and places and knowing that Chiron has similar principles and thoughts and both of them decided to come togather and put forward to do something through the medium of fashion , lifestyle , jet set ,glamour , art & entertainment  through the medium of non profit wherein signature label 'chirellen' was born and particularly Princess Ellen De Fantine's deep interest in philantrophic causes coupled with fashion & lifestyle  'Fashionothropy' came into being fusing fashion & philanthropy . Chirellen & Fashionotropy are a "Way To Life" that is going to become  legendary concepts and this will strive to change concepts and perceptions and make its mark in this contemporary world with a vision to cater to the society particularly the empowerment of women & child , the pressing concerns of the old & young and needy people and communities of something which people could not have thought or dreamt of  in their lifetime but getting the same and the smile that comes after is the reality  and catering to global concerns such as Climate Change , Global Warming and other pressing concerns to constitute  - a 'Way Of Life". 


About HRH Princess Ellen De Fantine : Princess Ellen born Elen Rodrigues de Paula (Sousa *), she is granddaughter of D. Vicente de Paula Sousa, Itu - Sao Paulo. Elen de Rodrigues de Paula (Sousa) * is ancestry in right line of Don Martim Afonso de Sousa (Chichorro), son of Afonso III, fifth king of Portugual and Madragana Ben Aloandro and she  represent the Imperial House of Brasil across House of Lords De Sousa . Princess Ellen now lives in the Principality of Monaco, where she handles the affairs of the Imperial House of Sousa of Brazil where she is Head and Founder . Princess was the last Duchesse and Princess Unique of Fantines Crown and House of Lords De Sousa the most great names from Orleans & Bragança Crown . In honour of Fantine’s Crown, HRH Princess Ellen has heritage Fantine’s Island Crown . The Princess also Princess Ellen II de Paulovia and Cote D'azur is also Consul for Monaco and Princess Ellen worked tirelessly in her own delightful and charming manner to promote Paulovia throughout the world. In appreciation of this work HRH Prince Paul bestowed her the title of Countess of Fantine of Paulovia .  


About Chiron : Chiron comes from India and is deeply involved in devising Life Values and Life Solutions and signature concepts for the needy and underprivileged and Sports and Sports for Youth , Music, Arts and the Performing Arts , Fashion & Lifestyle , the Environment & Green Economy and Green Eco Solutions are his love and uses these forms to devise and provide Life Values & Life Solutions to needy communities and the society. Besides , Chiron also analyses and work to promote International Relations and Diplomacy, International Security Concerns and promoting International Development through the medium of Sports , Music & Arts including Performing Arts, Green Community Hubs .




                                 Chiron                                                            Ellen

Ancient Greek called philantrophy , meaning "to love people". Princess Ellen De Fantine loves poor children and needy ones and has concerns for them in the society . Chiron , having equal love for children and needy ones and love for sports and the environment and sustenance always devises ways to infuse Life Values & Life Solutions and to provide the same to ‘people’ and inspiration drawn from the Princess . Princess Ellen De Fantine travels around the world and she has seen the people's needs from close range and inspiring Chiron to use his talents and get involved . The mutual inspiration , goodwill and respect between them manifest in the form of Chirellen and promoting Fashionotrophy to bring in a change in the lives of people and places . 


There are endless ways to support philanthropy with Fashion & Life Style and both Princess Ellen De Fantine and Chiron believes that it is not that difficult to weave in a Fashionotrophic cause into a Slumdog Millionaire like script; Whether it be for fine arts, performing arts or humanitarian causes , Fashionotrophy is a powerful way to meet public needs and a meaningful way to express beliefs and commitments.











The non profit endeavors has never been an easy one to get into till date . ChironWorld doors are wide open to fellow Philanthropists. By partnering with fellow Philanthropists the joint efforts will truly make a difference. ChironWorld plan to devise and make programs that their legacy of Fashionotrophy through signature concept ‘Chirellen’ and promoted by ChironWorld will live on while benefiting the societies and needs of people in the Indian sub continent and around the world. The non profit values addresses several things in one go by allowing viable philanthrophists a platform to geting involved in the endeavors .  


                                                             Princess Ellen is natural 


                                                             Pincess Ellen is carefree


                                                         Princess Ellen is flashy 


                                             Princess Ellen is as bright as the blue sky 


                                                    Princess is truly passionate 


                                                        Princess is smiley 


                                                      The name is thy beauty


                                                        She walks on fast lane

                                                           She is the connector 


                                                           She is the face of the world  


                                                               She is most fashionable 


                                                        She is sunny as the sun rays 


                                                                    She is colorful


                                                                    She is elegant


                                                                  Princess is cute 


                                                               Princess is Vogue 


                                                                  She is dignified


                                                                     She is calm 


                                                                    She is warm 


                                                            She is natural and simple


                                                                    She is suave 


                                                                   She is cool


                                                           She is the Royal Princess 


                                               She an able and thinking administrator


                                                    She is peoples representative 

                                                                She is the motivator  


                                                                       She is a Sport 


                                                                She loves fashion & sports 


                                                     She loves her favorite sportscars 


                                                            She is the Fashionothroper


                                                        Displaying the Pink Panther ?


                                        Oh No ! She is proudly displaying Fashionothropy 


                                             .....and explaining chirellen fashionotrophy
                                                        using the Pink Line Collection


                                                        ...and the Green Line collection 


                                                 ....she adores Princess Liala her god mother...


                                                               Princess Ellen De Fantine loves 
                                                             & promote Chirellen  Fashionotroph
                                                                                 through ….




                                                                           …….lifestyle ……..




                                                                            ......glam show.....










                      …high spirits...


                                                                               ....original roots .... 


                  ….through her million dollar smile…


                     .. .by her golden beauty and glaze





                         …..zest & eagerness….


                                                                                 …..    urbane looks....






                       ....extreme fashion.....


                     …..debonair looks ….


                      …her twinkls & sparkles….  


                                                                                   ..and with vigour.. 


                 ….joie de vivre… 












                    ….elegant smile … 




                     …..mystic beauty…. 




                                                                                   …. virtue…




                                                                 Princess Ellen De Fantine promotes 

                                                              Fashionothropy and signature Chirellen



                     ….from her palace….. 


                      ….from her couch …..  


                                                                       …from the downhill slopes 
                                                                              in sunny mornings… 


                                     …or from the 20th floor 
                                     condominium  in 
                                     colder nights... 


                                                                              ….from her office…. 


                  …or from the street….


                      ….from the roof top…. 


                                                                                  ….or from the road… 


                                                                                     …in the park… 


                                                                             ….or from the flower store... 


                                                                           …from the sea side castle…. 


                         …..and rocky steeps…. 


                       ..... from the boulevard... 


                                                                            ….from the yacht harbour….


                       … from onboard yachts…    


              .... and from the sunny beach 


                                                                                ….while on ground …. 


                       .....while in trance..... 


                                                                     …while laughingly paying bills…


                  ….from 5th Avenue  Streets …. 


               … the cruiseliner stair ways…. 


           …while with Princess Liala …… 


                                                                         …..and while with friends….. 


        .….or with dignitaries


                      ….from the haute coutre boutiques…. 


           …… or from super markets….. 


                             …or from upmarket 
                              mezzanine restaurants… 


                          ….from designers alley….


                                                                             … the beauty salon….. 


                                                                    ….from the serene backwaters….. 


                         ….or from the confines of
                         the Royal Palace…. 


               ....when visiting Royal Parties 
               in Monaco........


             ....while dining with guests who 
             comes to visit her in Monaco......


             ...from the Press Conference Hall...


                ....from the Monaco F1 Racecourse...


               ...or while enjoying music in
               the baseball field...


                                                                  ...from the uptown Monaco streets...



                                                              ...when rushing home to see Dr. House...


                                                                    ...and from inside the car with her 
                                                                         ever speaking grand mother...


                                                                   ...while executing Consular works..


                                                                         ...while talking with Chiron,  
                                                                        dignitories and fans .....

                                                                      …..from the stables and smiling…..  

                                                                         <B style="m